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Bio-gymnastic exercises were originally elaborated by Alla Grechiho as a mean of illness prophylaxis and health recruiting. Nevertheless in practice they are successfully applied by way of an exercise therapy and efficient curative. For grate many medical cases Alla’s "gymnastic" could be the best remedy.

complex of remedial exercises on Swedish gymnastic wall complex of remedial exercises Self-massage complex of remedial exercises for belly, heaps and buttocks’ shape correction and waist forming

complexes of remedial exercises

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It is recommended to effect exercises in given course.

gymnastic therapy

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diseases that respond to treatment by bio-gymnastic:

Accomodative asthenopia;
Amblyopia (ambliopia);
Bronchial asthma;
Chronic bronchitis;
Chronic gastritis;
Climacteric syndrome;
Migraine (hemicrania);
Neurasthenia and other neuroses;
Overabundant weight;
Vegetative vascular neurosis (dystonia);
Vertebral disfunctions (osteochondrosis, scoliosis...) of diferent kind and location, infantile and of adults; ... ...

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