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amblyopia (ambliopia)

It is possible to meet some vagueness in the usage of the term "amblyopia" (ambliopia). The first (1) notion is now accepted in medical science as in general use. The second (2) is out of date, uncommon but in some rare cases difficult to be substituted with something other.

1. Amblyopia (ambliopia) as loss of visual acuity in one eye caused by lack of use of that eye in early childhood.

Amblyopia (ambliopia) can be caused by any condition that causes one eye to be favored and the other ignored by the brain. Strabismus (crossed eyes), different refractive errors (farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism) in the two eyes, and childhood cataract are common causes of amblyopia (ambliopia).

The preferred eye becomes dominant and has normal vision. The non-favored eye is ignored by the brain to avoid a clash between the two different images from the eyes. As a result, the visual system in the brain for the non-favored eye fails to develop properly. Between ages 5 and 10, the brain stops growing and the condition becomes permanent.

Contraindications for intake of a drug: IBUPROFEN, MOXIFLOXACIN, ALLOPURINOL

2. Amblyopia (ambliopia) ("hazy vision", "decreased vision") as vision dysfunction of vague and obscure nature.

bio-gymnastic versus amblyopia (ambliopia)

In case being referred to as (2), bio-gymnastic proved to be an efficient remedy. Thou different resources of alternate medicine (such as reflex therapy and other of the similar kind) may take some auspicious effect, bio gymnastic remedial exercises leave those cures far behind.

As Alla explains, normalization and equation of the bio-energy flow through the spinal column to the cerebrum lobes must be the aim of high-priority for patient and doctor, and that is the very result that bio-gymnastic therapy is able to infallibly achieve.

In case of using term of amblyopia (ambliopia) in its proper strict meaning (1), bio-gymnastic can be practiced as principal or supplemental method within initial grade of the disease. In not-early cases bio-gymnastic can evince itself extremely useful supplemental cure.

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diseases that respond to treatment by bio-gymnastic:

Accomodative asthenopia;
Amblyopia (ambliopia);
Bronchial asthma;
Chronic bronchitis;
Chronic gastritis;
Climacteric syndrome;
Migraine (hemicrania);
Neurasthenia and other neuroses;
Overabundant weight;
Vegetative vascular neurosis (dystonia);
Vertebral disfunctions (osteochondrosis, scoliosis...) of diferent kind and location, infantile and of adults; ... ...

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