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This page may be helpful to anyone interesting in his health: you'll know what a unique system of remedial exercises is practiced somewhere in the world; and foremost to the inhabitants of Russian city Moscow and its nearest suburbs: you'll be able to attend the classes.

With bio-gymnastic, you have a chance to get rid of ailments that bothered you for years, while performing intriguing recreative exercises on rhythmic music. Easily, by insensible degrees.

Overview of methodology

The people often wonder what is biogymnastics and how it differs from other forms of physical discipline. The main difference is the biomechanics of exercises that involve the maximum number of muscles simultaneously moving backwards of the spine and not towards it. The arms, the legs and a head move as a continuation of the back.

Precisely because of this, biogymnastics can be considered as revolution in the field of physical culture and sports. It removes blocks (the most common - infringement of nerve channels) derived from the repetitive movements in the monotonous life. At the same time, it pumps power and strength into the body.

For a sick person it is a treatment (medicine-free), for the usual one - a prevention and evolution, for an athlete - training and development of new abilities.

The methodology includes a complex of (variable) exercises, water procedures, drinking of tea, and, if necessary, a meditation. To be continued...

The term bio-gymnastic originates from russian denomination (-) of Alla Grechikhos system of healing fitness. It is not adjective. Another nomination of Allas method is bio-fitness.


Fitness and medicine in one

Having been working for a long time as a coach, Alla Grechiho have invented her own system of amazing curing exercises which was granted the right to a patent the sole case in the field of fitness and gymnastics in the world. She had been practicing as a healing extrasence for some time. But then she had arrived at a conclusion that medication of this kind, in addition to its negative influence on the healers own state, is not the best choice for a patient. How and why is a very special question requiring special and ample explanations. Otherwise, a treatment that demands from a patient personal self-supporting effort often turns out much more effective. Disciples in Bio-gymnastic, which is often called Russian Yoga, labor for their own health. At the present time Alla goes along in elaboration her system and conducts training lessons.

trainer Alla
trainer Alla Grechiho

Presently are available: bio-gymnastic exercises in joint groups and bio-gymnastic exercises in small groups of individual health-remedial approach.

There is more information on the sights Russian pages.

E-mail Alla

E-mail Alla

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E-mail site's editor

Alla's gymnastics is sponsored by Moscow citys government.


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diseases that respond to treatment by bio-gymnastic:

Accomodative asthenopia;
Bronchial asthma;
Chronic bronchitis;
Chronic gastritis;
Climacteric syndrome;
Migraine (hemicrania);
Neurasthenia and other neuroses;
Overabundant weight;
Vegetative vascular neurosis (dystonia);
Vertebral disfunctions (osteochondrosis, scoliosis...) of diferent kind and location, infantile and of adults; ... ...

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